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Our Balanced Scorecard experts will take the time to understand your unique situation and will craft a series of custom in-person or web-based workshops designed to accelerate your strategy journey and help you reach your full potential.

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Strategy Design

Facilitation to help your executive team get in alignment and create a Balanced Scorecard with clear objectives, measures and initiatives to get you there in a timeframe that makes sense to your business.

Initiative Rationalization

We will help you identify, strategically map and weigh all of your initiatives so that your team feels empowered to pursue the most impactful work for the organizaiton. Our prioritization approach will engage your team to identify the most strategically important initiatives that will help you achieve your goals. 

Strategy Reviews Done Right

Let us help you to prepare a custom approach for your strategy reviews including best practice guidance and facilitation tricks to drive engagment and effective decision making.

Build Dashboards that Drive Results

We will help you to design dashboards and reports to visualize the measures and analytics that really matter to achieving your strategic objectives.  Good visuals help to tell the story.

Collect the Data that Matters Most 

We will help you to identify the best measures and how to collect the data on an ongoing basis to give you good information.  We walk through a repeatable process to identify data sources, formats of data, frequency of data, logistics including options for automation.  A repeatable approach can make all the difference and save tons of time.

Strategy Refresh

Things change.  Your strategy needs to evolve.  We will audit your existing objectives, measures, and initiatives and provided a series of recommendations to ensure your organization is well positioned for the future.

Learn about our workshops.

Talk to one of our Balanced Scorecard experts to learn how our custom workshops can be a perfect complement to our eLearning courses helping to accelerate your strategy journey. 
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