Balanced Scorcard Foundations Series

BSC 107: Identifying Targets

Targets direct your organization on how to achieve your strategic objectives. 

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What you are going to learn

Course Overview

 This course shows you how to establish the appropriate performance levels for your strategic measures. Targets direct your organization on how to achieve your strategic objectives. You will learn what makes good strategic targets and how to set them. You will also learn about some of the traps to avoid as you decide on your targets.
By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe what makes a good target.
  • List and offer examples of the sources of target levels.
  • Apply the process of setting appropriate target levels.
  • Evaluate relationships among targets.
  • Identify best practices for target setting in the Balanced Scorecard.

   Course Lessons

 Course Introduction
 Anatomy of a Good Target
 Setting Targets:  A 4 Step Process
 Target Relationships
 Best Practices
 Course Activity
 Best Practices
 Course Review

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